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Pregnancy Medical Home (OBCM)

Pregnancy Medical Home (OBCM)

Obstetric Care Management (OBCM)

The Pregnancy Medical Home (PMH) program serves mothers-to-be who are eligible for Medicaid and are having high-risk pregnancies. The doctors connected with our program have higher standards of care to help mothers of babies be as healthy as possible.

The goals of OBCM are:

• Increase the rate of full term and health babies

• Decrease the rate of low and very low birth rate babies

• Decrease the rates of primary C-Sections

• To connect families to programs, services, and resources which meet their health needs

• To provide parent support programs when available


• All Medicaid eligible women who live in Gaston and Lincoln Counties

Who May Benefit from OBCM?

These are some conditions that might cause you to have a pregnancy where your baby is at high risk of being unhealthy at birth:

• If you have had a premature baby (born before 37 weeks) before this pregnancy

• If you are pregnant with twins, triplets, etc.

• If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, sickle cell, asthma, seizures, mental health issues, or other conditions that may  affect your pregnancy

• If you live in an unsafe environment (homeless/no permanent home, domestic violence, sexual abuse)

• If you are smoking or using drugs or alcohol while pregnant

What can the care managers do for you?

Pregnancy Medical Home care managers can help with finding medical care, transportation, ensuring follow-up, and answering questions. They can also provide you with information about a wide variety of community resources for your family. Your case manager will:

• Help identify needs and make plans to address them

• Help you gain access to prenatal care with one practice through your entire pregnancy

• Help arrange transportation to doctor’s appointments, if needed

• Help you manage the medications you take

• Provide 24-hour access to a health care provider for questions and concerns

• Provide referrals to programs such as WIC, Medicaid and family planning

• Work in hand-in-hand with you to help you have a healthy baby

Questions or want to make a referral?

Call Joy Tilley at 704-772-4626