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Network Staff

Network Staff


Executive Management Team

Robert Spencer
Executive Director

Thomas White, MD
Network Medical Director

Lynne Perrin
Network Director


Clinical Management Team

Misty Lail McIntosh PharmD, RPh
Network Pharmacy Program Mgr.


Amy Jensen, RN, CCM
Special Programs Director


Ashley Jones, RN, BSN, CCM
Care Management Program Director


Program Leaders and Supervisors

Anne Soule, RN, BSN, CCM
Behavioral Health Integration Mgr.


Chrystal Buchanan, RN, CCM
Special Programs Manager

Joy Tilley, RN, CCM 
CC4C & OB Care Manager



Program Leaders and Pharmacy Staff

Kristie Herndon
Data System Administrator
HealthNet Gaston

Jackie Newton
Health Check Coordinator

Crystie Fitzgerald
Pharmacy Program Assist./

Abeer Elkhouly, PharmD,RPh
Clinical Pharmacist