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Providers Behavioral Health Integration Information

Providers Behavioral Health Integration Information

As the CCNC network in Gaston and Lincoln counties, Community Health Partners promotes integrated health care.

Standardized Referral Forms have been developed to promote improved communication between Primary Care Practices and local Behavioral Health Providers- Click here to find them on the CCNC website 

Behavioral Health Practice Visits are offered by our network psychiatrist Dr. Karen Melendez and behavioral health coordinator Anne Wheeler. For information on a variety of behavioral health topics click here for form to submit.

How we can support your practice

• Provide you with a Behavioral Health Resource Guide for Gaston and Lincoln Counties

• Assistance with linking patients with behavioral health services and navigating the behavioral health service system

• Practice visits to speak with your providers about behavioral health topics of interest. (Refer to Behavioral Health Practice Visits)

• Phone consultation by Dr. Melendez to review cases, discuss psychiatric medications and to assist with referrals. 704-691-8817


Behavioral Health Resource Guide for Primary Care Providers in Gaston and Lincoln Counties: click here

Depression Tool Kit: Disease Management Model for Depression: click here

ICARE: link to website here