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Health Check Coordination

Health Check Coordination

Focused on children's heath

The goal of the Health Check Program is to ensure children have uninterrupted access to a medical home and to ensure children fully utilize their medical home for sick visits, and preventive health care services such as well child check-ups, immunizations, dental care, and prescriptions. There is no separate enrollment in Health Check. If someone is eligible for Carolina ACCESS II Medicaid and is under the age of 21, they automatically receive Health Check services including auto generated state letters reminding them when an exam is needed.

Your Health Check Coordinator (HCC) works with Community Health Partners your local CCNC network and in accordance with NC requirements to provide care coordination to children in our area.

What are Health Check Coordinators available for? HCCs are responsible for education and outreach services related to Health Check through:

  • Explaining the benefits of the Health Check Program, including the schedule of age appropriate checkups, importance of preventive health care and client rights.

  • Encouragement regarding the importance of developing a relationship with the client’s primary care provider.

    For more information or to contact your local Health Check Coordinator call 704-874-1926.

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